Catalog demo website

A website demo for OctoberCMS plugin

Hello, you are visiting the demo website of the Catalog plugin, a plugin for OctoberCMS.

This plugin provides a full featured catalog to use for your products. It includes :

All that with many options. The main feature of this plugin is probably it's ability to define custom fields for your products and for your stores, so you will not be limited by the default fields.
You can find the documentation on this page.

Take a tour and enjoy :)

This plugin is not an ecommerce plugin, there's no cart, orders and payments management inside ! But you can add payments with Stripe or PayPal as it's a "per product" payment.

This website is based on the Blank-Bootstrap theme created by Kristoffer Alfheim.

Let's start with a list of products displayed outside the catalog, just because you can :)