Want to display products outside of your catalog pages ?

Sometimes it's usefull to display products outside of you catalog pages, like in the home page, or if you want to list some specific products inside your content pages. For this, we have to use the category filter parameters from the product_list component.

  • Go to the page you want to display those products,
  • Add the Catalog/product_list component to your page,
  • In the component parameters, enable the Use Category filter,
  • Now you have two options :
    • display all products (by living the filter field empty),
    • or specify the slug of the category you want to view the products.

You know what ? Custom fields also works when using this !

For now you have to specify the slug of the category manually, so take care of this if you change the slug of your category !

In the next releases I will add tags, so the filter could be used with tags to.